Ah England, some days you disappoint me. First the Brexit vote and now it turns out there are no radishes, kefir or buttermilk available in my local supermarkets… so I had to improvise on the Chlodnik recipe.

Proper Chlodnik here:

For my recipe, I used four beetroots, 3 eggs, one cucumber, four spring onions (plus extra green), about 300 g of yoghurt and 50 g of sour cream. I added a bit more water in the end and a bit of vinegar, as I was missing the sour taste (which normally comes from kefir I guess). I used dried dill because fresh dill was also missing in the aisles…

It’s not as good as the original, but it’s a lovely pink, refreshing and at least reminiscent of Polish summer. I’m hoping it might be better tomorrow after it has stood for a while as well.

Doesn’t take much work, but takes some time to prepare as you need to first cook the beets and eggs and then let them cool down before you can continue.

Edit: I made this again, with all the ingredients but with pre-cooked beetroot this time. Pretty quick recipe that way, although you should still give it some hours to chill.

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